According to the data of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, the amount of agricultural land per capita in our country in the last 19 years has been steadily decreasing. Due to the increasing population, the amount of agricultural land per capita has declined significantly in recent years. In order to meet the food needs of our country in the coming years, agricultural areas must be used more efficiently. For efficient use, the application of new methods and R&D studies are a requirement. Changes in consumption habits along with urbanization, increase in variety, and orientation to ready-made food highlight the issue of food safety. The integration of the food sector with agriculture is important in the line from food security to food security. Among the globally-used agricultural concepts of the European Union, the United Nations, World Trade Organization, and Food and Agriculture Organization, the main goals outlined in areas in the food production and consumption chain include sustainable agriculture, good agricultural practices and landless agriculture, rather than modern agriculture. And these goals are also included in the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

In line with all these goals and considering the high urbanization rate, R&D studies on micro-based biofertilizer and biostimulator products in the İstanbul region for the agricultural sector are carried out as part of Project INDEPENDENT in order to obtain domestic products and to meet prospective needs.

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