Training and human resources in the field of algal biotechnologies

Project INDEPENDENT aims to raise awareness of information and technology-oriented economic development in the food, agriculture, livestock, health, energy, and environmental sectors. Accordingly, trainings will be held and an information retrieval platform will be formed to increase the use of algae-based biotechnological products, establish communication between all stakeholders in the relevant sectors, enable collaboration, be a guide on taking strategic steps, and support the R&D activities. Project INDEPENDENT team will provide resources, databases and literature related to information, documents and legislation that will guide industry stakeholders in their important and strategic planning, in addition to their scientific and technological contributions. In this context, Project INDEPENDENT will expand the product and processing methods of microalgae biotechnologies in critical areas by reducing the information and technology gap through awareness raising and practical knowledge generation.

Training Modules

  • • Basic principles in algae cultivation
  • • Algae Biotechnologies
  • • Large-scale Algae Production and Processing

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